Bundle Transporter “GORILLA” – Sell and Rental

To speed up turnaround heat exchangers managements Completely designed and built by us, our idea was born in 1985. During this time we have built and sold our bundle transporter “Gorilla” all over the world. To speed up the management of heat exchangers maintenance during Turnaround shutdown. The Gorilla can take the bundle, transport it […]

Aerial Bundle Extractor – Rental service

AERIAL TUBE TUBE BUNDLE EXTRACTORExtractor for heat exchanger bundles handled by a crane truck. The crane’s sole function is to support the weight of the extractor and bundle; in fact, the extractor has been designed with all the functions to carry out the jobs automatically and in maximum safety. This extractor drastically reduces the time […]

Truck Mounted Bundle Extractor “Push Puller”

TRUCK MOUNTED BUNDLE EXTRACTORGruppomarcato: we design, built and use.Until 1990, year of construction of our first truck mounted bundle extractor, we design build and assemble this machine in our workshops. Completely self-contained heat exchanger bundle extractor. This machine is the result of technological development of the overhead axtractor and works without a crane truck.  Recently […]

Extraction and Transport of Heat Exchanger Bundle

Rent service with operators:Our service abroad is rental with operator of follow equipment TRUCK MOUNTED BUNDLE EXTRACTOR “Push Puller” AERIAL BUNDLE EXTRACTOR BUNDLE TRANSPORTER “GORILLA” – Sell and Rental 2019 – Serbia: Maintenance Turnaround Rental of aerial bundle extractor, truck mounted bundle extractor and bundle transporter  2018: Petrolchemical TAR 2017: Refinery TAR 2017 – Israel: […]