Bundle Extraction

Extraction and Transport of Heat Exchanger Bundle

MARCATO – leader in heat exchanger maintenance and bundle extraction

Rental service with operators
Our service abroad is rental service with operator of follow equipment:

Bundle transporter “Gorilla”

Completely designed and built by us, our idea was born in 1985

Truck mounted extractor

Completely self-contained heat exchanger bundle extractor.  

Aerial Bundle Extractor

Extractor for heat exchanger bundles handled by a crane truck.

Pétfürdő Hungary – Transport and extraction of heat exchanger bundles

Pančevo Serbia – Refinery Turnaround Maintenance – bundle pullers

Ashdod Israel – Aerial tube bundle extractor and Truck mounted tube bundle extractor

Serbia 2017 – 35 Tons aerial bundle extractor and heat exchanger bundle transporter

g r u p p o m a r c a t o


Since 1967 we of the Marcato Group have endeavoured to develop our companies to the very best.: Impresa Marcato and Italponteggi.

Health and Safety

Company Marcato S.r.l. has always been involved in the search for technological innovation and professional growth of human resources.

Where we work

Being present in some of the most important international industrial sites, allows our structure to be always operational and to invest continuously in cutting-edge equipment and in the training of its technicians.