Bundle Transporter “GORILLA” – Sell and Rental

To speed up turnaround heat exchangers managements

Completely designed and built by us, our idea was born in 1985. During this time we have built and sold our bundle transporter “Gorilla” all over the world.

To speed up the management of heat exchangers maintenance during Turnaround shutdown. The Gorilla can take the bundle, transport it to the wash area and place it on top of the cleaning robot’s rollers without the use of the crane.

2021 – Gorilla bundle transporter under constructions

 Rental products for the extraction and trasportation of tube bundles 

Once the Bundle Extractor has placed the bundle on the ground it is the transporter’s turn that, completely substituting the traditional crane truck with trailer, picks the bundle up, transports it and then places it in the washing area where our Robots start washing it immediately.

Once the bundle has been cleaned with our robots, the transporter picks up the clean bundle and after it has taken it to the plant, deposits it on the extractor that then puts it back in place in the shell.


1985, from our idea comes the first bundle transporter, designed and built in our workshop


  • transportable weight: up to 25 tons
  • maximum road speed at full load: 20 km/h
  • drive wheels: 4 independent
  • steering wheels: 2
  • lenght: 3,85 mt
  • height: 3,20 mt
  • max. width: 2,50 mt
  • weight of the machine: 7 tons

Our first bundle transporter was designed and built in the 80’s revolutionizing technology in the handling of the tube bundles. Now, we consider ourselves the leaders in the market for quality construction and durability in extremely demanding applications.

  • ease of use
  • thirty years experience
  • thousands of operations assets
  • ous technological improvements

We are the only ones who design, build and even use own machines, this allows us to test our equipment continuously.
Elimination of the 4-wheel steering for best constructive resistance and reduction of time maneuver.
Elimination of the cushioning system on wheels for increased lifting speed and elimination possibility of breakage.
Guidance system retractable type “stand up” for total control of the machine and maximum ease of access